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The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S.® Guide

Ivy Box Author of The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S.® Guide

The 365 Go Get H.E.R.S.® Guide is a comprehensive roadmap that delivers the tools necessary to establish and maintain a stable foundation, clear vision, self-empowerment, and maximum results all through the culmination of Happiness, Education, Respect and Success.


Step-by-Step, the guide will assist you in identifying what you want by establishing a strong foundation, through the cultivation of happiness, character, purpose, vision, and belief in self. Readers will be able to discover when they want what they are seeking out of life through education, goal setting, time management, discipline, and by overcoming procrastination.

This thought-provoking book uses anecdotes, life lessons, strategies, and facts to uncover how to get what you are seeking with respect, through strong relationships, money management, opportunities, and hard work. After reading this guide, you will learn how to be successful and make it happen through consistency, being fearless, by getting out of your own way, and by paying it forward.


IVY BOX is a Certified Go Get H.E.R.S.® who merges business, marketing, multimedia, entertainment, and philanthropy with purpose. Her passion is to encourage and inspire those who aspire to inspire. She believes that the sky is not the limit; it is only the beginning.

The 365 Go Get HERS Guide
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  • WHAT you want.

  • WHEN you want it.

  • HOW to get it.

  • MAKE it happen.

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