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"Just my kind of read...inspirational and practical. As a 21st century woman, I enjoyed the book from cover to cover because of what it stands for - Happiness, Education, Respect, and Success." ~ Reader

"This book has truly been liberating and is a must read for the individual that wants success. I love how the chapters are broken down , the strategies and techniques to be applied towards reaching success, and the transparency that the author provides." ~ Reader


"I recommend this read for anyone in the pursuit of or interested in maintaining "HERS" (woman or girl, man or boy). You will find practical advice integrated with personal stories designed to push you to that next level." ~ Reader

"The book helps to awaken your thoughts, helps to identify patterns that may not have worked, and helps one self to have more awareness of what is important to them. I truly am thankful for the wisdom the author shared..." ~ Reader

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